Mentalism mindreading & psychological entertainer

Mind Reader, Mentalism

& Thought control

Mystery, excitement, wisdom and laughter!

Adam Night, light-heartedly, demonstrates many areas of mindreading, mentalism, thought control, body language and the paranormal. Adam can predict or influence your future choices. He can reveal your   innermost thoughts. He can get you to pick things you did not even know you were going to choose! Adam Night has the ability to psychologically influence the choices of random audience members. He can reveal that their very decision had been predicated before hand.

mind reader adam night

This mentalism performance does not contain any form of   hypnosis.

The Show

Adam Nights’ mentalism act features amazing demonstrations of  influence. Psychology and sharp comedy. You can guarantee that his incredible act engages guests in ways unlike anything you have seen before!

It is suitable for almost any corporate event. No matter how big or small! Adam will create an air of mystery and cheeky fun that will leave your  guests baffled, mystified and laughing!

Adam Night Mentalist, mindreader

What will he do?

Adam Night is trained in all things to do with the mind.  Hypnosis, Psychology, Thought Control, mind over matter as well as Mind Reading and Body Language. Precisely what Adam does depends on your event.  However you can expect to see him reading people?s minds, predicting and influencing their behaviour with the powers of thought and suggestion!

How long is the show?

The show can be tailored to you or your clients needs. The shows are usually between 20 – 60 min’s in duration, with the most popular being a 40 min cabaret spot.

Is every show the   same?

No, every show is different because everyone’s minds are different. Every show can be tailored to your needs and desires so do contact us to talk about your requirements

Is this just corporate entertainment, or can it be used for private parties, dinners, wedding receptions etc?

This show is suitable from a dozen or so dinner guests to a theatre or conference hall full of people and because it is fully self contained it can even be performed in peoples homes at dinner parties!

mentalism / mind reader show Adam Night

Can you book this show for private parties, dinners, wedding receptions etc?

Yes, ( as I’ve just said…) This show is suitable from a dozen or so dinner guests to a theatre or conference hall full of people and it can even be performed in peoples homes at dinner parties!

As a Hypnotist and conference entertainer, Adam is ideal for any sort of event entertainment or after dinner speaker type slots. Adam is widely known as one of the best and most professional throughout Europe.  He truly is a corporate entertainer. His shows are regarded as light comedy and psychological entertainment at its best. As a modern mindreader / mentalist, he  takes mentalism to a new level.

Is it real or illusion?

Ah-ha! Sorry on this one. My job is to make people ask this question. Not to answer it! But from the number of people who ask me this question, I think it is working….

This is not education – It’s strictly fast and funny entertainment! Adam Night’s approach to the mentalists art engages the audience. Whilst they witness things that seem impossible right in front of their eyes – impacting them in ways that can only be experienced first hand!

A combination show of Mind Reading and Hypnosis is also available!