Contact mind reader / hypnotist Adam Night

Contact mind reader / stage hypnotist Adam Night


Do you know the 3 mistakes many bookers make when they decide to book a mind reader for an event? and how to avoid them?

We do, and we hope you read this before YOU book a mind reader and make one of them yourself.

hypnotist show / mind reader Adam Night

Mistake Number 1. YOU TRY TO GET THE MIND READER / ENTERTAINER WHO CHARGES THE LEAST AMOUNT OF   MONEY. It?s true that the budget you set is   important, but often by trying to save money you don?t get the BEST performance.   The old addage is true: “You get what you pay for”. Nowerdays, anyone can   describe themselves as an entertainer and begin promoting their own shows. Do   you want to risk your entertainment (and your reputation) by hiring the cheapest   entertainer out there?

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Mistake Number 2. YOU THINK ALL ENTERTAINERS ARE   THE SAME. Wrong! All entertainers have different capabilities,   experiences, and routines. Some have little or no training. Truthfully, some are   simply NOT funny and don?t have a stage ?presence? that grabs the crowd. You  would be wise to check their level of experience and how long someone has been   performing before you sign a contract.

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Mistake Number 3. LAST MINUTE SHOPPING. Great entertainment is often hard to find. It’s even more difficult when you   continually put it off. Entertainers are often booked months in advance. To   avoid extra travel expense and last minute hassles; SAVE MONEY, SAVE TIME and   HEADACHES by reserving your entertainment you want sooner rarther than later!

Adam Night, mind reader, on stage

Although – If you have left it to the last minute, it is still   worth a call! If Adam is available, we are more than happy to take short notice   bookings, or we will try and point you in the right direction of someone else   that will do a good job for you!

Why Book a mind reader?

When you book a mind reader for your next, party, corporate event or if you just want good quality after dinner entertainment what you will get is a forty to sixty minute performance of Derren Brown style mentalism. It will have it’s emphasis on humour and audience participation. This is a unique and very powerful form of entertainment. Imagine someone standing before you that can predict your moves or choices before you make them, someone who can read your body language and know what you are thinking!


  • Please give as much information as possible about your enquiry. I.e. possible dates, location, aprox numbers attending, age range, budget (if known) reason for function (wedding, birthday, Christmas party, type of venue etc.) and a Contact telephone number.


Adam Night

Mind reader / Stage Hypnotist

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