The Comedy Stage Hypnotist Show

Possibly the UK’s top stage hypnotist for over 25 years!

Adam Nights Comedy Stage Hypnotist Show has taken him all   over the UK and Europe, working for most of the top names on the Corporate,   Entertainment and University circuits. Adam’s fast and funny show is fully   insured and always tastefully performed. When quality counts there is only one   choice.

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Remember:-”Entertainers are generic, personality is unique!”

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This show may not be suitable for all   events!


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Due to the nature of hypnosis, you cannot just   hypnotise anyone and everyone, as some clients believe or expect. For a show to   work well there needs to be a number of willing participants. This does not   usually work well in client situations or with senior management, due to a   reluctance to volunteer and join in.

The comedy hypnosis show does not work well when   used as ‘Surprise entertainment’, again, people like time to consider taking   part in such fun.

The comedy hypnosis show also requires a minimum of   40 min’s, preferably an hour to an hour and a quarter! This allows time for   volunteers to be sought, hypnotised then perform some fast and funny, tasteful   sketches in a fun hypnosis show!

The show can be very suitable for Corporate events, Parties, Weddings, Conferences, Universities, military events or just for   fun!

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