after dinner entertainer

After Dinner Entertainer

If you’re hosting a formal dinner event. It is important to hit the right note with the after dinner entertainment you provide. As a mind reader and psychological entertainer. Adam Night is an expert at creating the after dinner atmosphere that you?re looking for.

after dinner entertainment, mind reader

With over thirty years experience as a mesmerizing after dinner entertainer. Adam is nothing less than a master showman. Maybe it is demonstrating the unnerving suggestibility of audience members. Or show-stopping mind reader performances. Adam Night regularly astonishes dinner guests and corporate event attendees all across the UK. 

After dinner entertainer

The UK?s No.1 Mind Reader & Psychological Entertainer 

Mentalist, magician, mind reader, call Adam what you will. If you are looking to make an unforgettable success of your upcoming evening. Adam Night will provide a performance like no other.

A mind reader and overall psychological cabaret who has mesmerized crowds both at home and internationally.  After dinner entertainment with Adam Night focuses on participatory fun, mystery and not just a little intrigue.

A comedic post dinner performer who has performed previously for royal audiences. Adam strives at each and every after dinner event to enchant audiences. He makes your evening the hottest topic of conversation long after the show is over.

Based purely around mentalist and one of a kind mind reading performances. Adam?s cabaret performances don?t usually include hypnosis. However, combination mind reading and hypnosis shows can be booked on request.

Adam Night is best known as a comedy stage hypnotist. However his lesser known secret is that he is equally as good as a mindreader!

He has always been an engaging, charismatic and a very light-hearted performer. However as a mentalist, his after dinner entertainment is an amazing display of modern mind reading. It is  influence and psychological entertainment with the emphasis on humour! - full of laughs, cheeky giggles and audience participation, but without embarrassing or humiliating anyone.

One of the main talking points of this show is ?how on earth did he know or do that!?. It will leave your guests totally baffled and entertained.

After dinner entertainer

This is dinner party entertainment in a fresh, and inventive way.  It is ideal for private parties, hospitality events, corporate events, award ceremonies, product launches. Even  celebrations and weddings.

Good quality post dinner cabaret and dinner party entertainment is always difficult to find. You need someone who has been in the business for some time. Someone who understands your needs and is able to get on with things with the minimum of fuss. Thus allowing you to enjoy your party and mingle with your guests. Someone who can anticipate any minor problems and deal with them effectively before they become an issue. Someone that can communicate with any other staff  and sort things out themselves where possible.

Book evening cabaret show from Adam Night now to Avoid Disappointment  

The appeal of mentalist performances such as Adams is that they are suitable for a wide variety of different events. The only problem? Because Adam is one of the most in-demand corporate function and cabaret entertainers in the UK, it?s important to book early to avoid disappointment. In this case, call or contact Adam today to discuss the particulars of your upcoming entertainment evening.